CePro Introduction

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CePro is an application that runs an appliance that is placed at production line exit to generate complex labeling and report of production transactions against pack, sales, or production, or miscellaneous orders to your warehouse management system and ERP systems. These are generally case-like product that is placed on a pallet or other container or can be a bulk container.

Items can be fixed weight, catchweight/randomweight, or bulk. Labels are based on item setup from the ERP system. For production order type systems which build product for individual customers, labels can be extensively customized for each customer or the customer's items. Labels can include standard barcodes including fully compliant GS1-128 barcodes.

The system can integrate with various devices such as scales and printers. I can manage simple manual lines with print and slap labels, up to fully automated lines with weight-in-motion scales with multiple applicators or ink-jet spray printers.

CePro has extensive offline capabilities which allow production to remain functioning even with extended network outages.