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All warehouse inventory information is stored in a database. This database contains tables that store all warehouse information, from item numbers and container locations to cycle count information and shipping order status. While the main Whistle application contains all the information on how to run the program, the database contains all the warehouse information without which Whistle would be useless. The warehouse database (the server if you will) is often much larger than the Whistle application (the client). This database can be installed on the same computer with the Whistle application or on it’s own stand-alone computer.

Whistle is designed to operate with a number of relational database management systems (RDMSs), the most common of which are Microsoft “SQL Server”, Informix, and Oracle. Refer to your database installation manual for information on how to install your RDBMS on your computer. The following instructions demonstrate how to add Whistle tables to your ERP’s database.

How to Install the Whistle Database

Several Whistle database scripts are provided to you to assist in creating the appropriate Whistle database tables. The types of scripts vary from database to database.

Run these scripts against your ERP database to create the appropriate Whistle database tables.

Check your ERP database to make sure that the tables were successfully installed.