GX:Appendix A Quick Reference - Keystrokes

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This appendix summarizes the Whistle user commands, hot keys, keystrokes, and shortcuts.


Up and Down Arrows

These are the most commonly used keys. Use them to scroll between menu selections, and data fields.

Left and Right Arrows

Use these keys to scroll between the <OK> and <Back> selections on the bottom of the screens. These keys are also used to scroll between result sets that are returned from queries, and Bin numbers that are returned by Cycle Counts.

You must press ‘Ctrl’ along with the up and down arrows to use the Left and Right arrows on the handheld barscanners.

‘Esc’ and ‘Clr’

These keys are used to escape from screens, end transactions, go up to a higher menu level, and cancel specific steps within transactions.

within Menus:

Use to go up a menu level. For instance, press ‘Esc’ in the Production Menu to go back to the Main Menu.

within Screens:

Use to exit back to the Menu from which you accessed the particular screen.

‘A’ and ‘Z’

These are textfield scroll keys. They are used to scroll between predetermined options within text fields. For example, these keys are used to choose the appropriate “Sort” and “Show” criteria in the Find Inventory screen.

List Keys

‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’

Users will often have to enter information into Whistle regarding product #s, item #s, Bin #s, Lot #s, etc. Often the user will not know this information off-hand, but will be able to easily access it using the shortcut keys ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’. Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ either together (fork and desktop method) or sequentially (handheld method) to have Whistle display a list of the desired information. For example, if you do not know the sales order # that you want to enter in Whistle, move your cursor to the Sales Order # field and press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’. Whistle will display a list of all sales orders that are relevant to the particular screen that you are using.

‘Ctrl’ and ‘L’

This function is used to List the option in the currently displayed Whistle window. It can give options such as “Refresh Cache”, “Window Settings”, “Languages”, “Version”, “Save fields”, “Load fields”.

‘Ctrl’ and ‘O’

This function is performed on the Track # field and is used to “Move” the container to another location as a shortcut.

‘Ctrl’ and “T’

This is a function off of the Track # field throughout Whistle. It is not always available. It allows the user to perform functions, such as “Convert”, “Details”, “Move”, “Putaway”, “Picking”, “Adjust Qty”, “Split”, “Find” & “History”.

Setup Keys


Users have the option of going into setup mode when starting Whistle. To go into setup mode, select “S” when prompted if you want to go into “H” handheld or “F” Forktruck mode. You will be presented with the setup screen from which you can enter database specific and other WMS settings. Selecting Done from this screen will automatically take you into Forktruck operating mode. These settings are also available from the Miscellaneous Menu under Whistle Settings.



To exit from Whistle, “Escape” out to the logon screen using the Esc and Clr buttons. Type “exit” at the logon prompt and select <OK>. The whistle application session will terminate.